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The dinner time test


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I'm still giving Kevin Brown the benefit of the doubt. Some irritating things, describing the outfield dimensions of Camden Yards before the game and the color of the Oriole uniforms. Well, duh. Giving a bunch of the new stats when what I want to hear is the action on the field. Just a generic voice.

He seems to be working better with Dave Johnson, but I'm not sure if he knows that Johnson once pitched for the Orioles. lol. Does a good job of describing the action on the field. Still has a chance to get on my good side. ?

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18 minutes ago, Natty said:

Bunch of dang fair weather fans around here. I'm retired and I'm watching every game, even if we stink it up. 

You think this stinks? ;) 

I'm with you though...Im gonna follow even if it means learning the process.  I have zero expectations this year.  My goals and I consider these to be a stretch....are these.

1)  Make at least a very solid choice for #1 in June.

2)  Win 48+ games 

3)  Find 2 players who might help us down the road...via trade or by sticking around.

4)  Release Davis (edit to say this should really be Resolve Davis)

That's it.

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2 minutes ago, JourneyFan said:

Can't tell you how many times I've thought of that scene since the start of last season!

Used to love the way Jon Miller would entertain us during the dark ages with things like his slow-motion radio replays.

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