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That's like comparing apples and washing machines. Liz is at SINGLE A. The Glenn Davis trade involved three major leaguers. I'm tired of hearing it brought up constantly.
A bad move or trade anywhere is not good. Minors or majors it doesn,t matter.:SuN034:
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From The Sun (dated 06/30) - Q&A with Scott McGregor

Mike, Rochester, N.Y.: When will Fernando Liz be called up from Single-A? I have seen that has been doing very well and I have heard the scouts think he could be pretty good.

Scott McGregor: Liz will be a big part of our future young arms and is coming along fine just where he is. He has to command his pitches a little better so let him dominate in Frederick before he comes to Bowie.

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I think he is averaging about 4.6 walks per 9 this year (last I checked) so I can understand leaving him there for a while. Plus, he just turned 23 (6/10/83). So even if he spends the rest of the year at Delmarva, the entire next year at AA and the following year at AAA, he would be 25 on opening day of 2009.

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Given the fact that the O's have frequently brought up pitchers directly from AA the last couple years, I think the reasoning behind keeping him in Fredrick is to allow him to completely dominate in AA once he is promoted. The reality is that once he is in Bowie he could be called up at any point. Sounds like he is just getting some command issues worked out with his extra pitches and should be doing that in A+, rather than AA.

In terms of when he will make his ML debut though, I think it will be some point next season, as he should be starting the year in AA.

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1. Keith Reed, OF

2. Richard Stahl, LHP

3. Edward Rogers, SS

4. Luis Rivera, RHP

5. Papy Ndungidi, LF

6. Juan Figueroa, RHP

7. Josh Towers, RHP

8. Larry Bigbie, OF

9. Tripper Johnson, 3B

10. Erik Bedard, LHP

I've always believed that the point of having a good farm system was to package prospects to bring in proven talent. You take a select few who you really believe in (guys who are among the top 100 prospects in baseball) and hold onto them. The rest you package and use to upgrade the team.

Using that logic, you probably would have traded Bedard because he was 'rated' lower than Stahl.

You don't trade away young minor league talent unless:

1) you are in playoff contention and need a piece

2) you have a glut of players at that position (pitchers aside)

3) you are getting a honey of a deal

For the Orioles, given the economic world in the American League east, the minor league system IS the only realistic route to success. Trading the pieces away for a player here and a player there is death by a thousand cuts.

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