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6/24 Orioles at Marlins, Game 2


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Watching on the Marlin's channel and got annoyed by three different plays before the first was over so switched to here.

I understand Pie got a bad jump, my question is how, He wasn't being held.

I so wish someone from the media would back DT into a corner and ask him why he insists upon giving up outs every game.

On the bright side when I gave up on the TV last night the O's came back and tied it up.

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Its still a bad move. These guys can go two bases on a single and you have your 3-4-5 guys coming up. Why risk an out on the basepaths that's going to kill your rally?

Exactly. 0 OUTS. The middle of the order coming up.

2 outs, it makes sense to attempt the double steal. But 0 outs?? AHHHH

It's painful to watch this team continue to shoot themselves in the foot.

I hope we don't pull an Oakland here tonight.

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I won't argue with you because the error most def. didn't help, but that lead off walk really hurt. Falling behind hitters didn't help either. Just saying...not trying to pick a fight.

I wasn't overly concerned with falling behind hitters more so the fact that the balls weren't hardly hit at all.

That is all I am saying. I am not dipping that deep into the stat sheet with that statement.

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