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Good chance we might be dropping down the draft board


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I believe that was the reported story, yeah. I do know with almost 100% certainty that Purke did no plan to attend TCU, though he is thrilled to be there right now.

Yeah, I am sure he is thrilled. But, if he was asking for that incredible amount of money out of HS, what the heck will he be asking for as a better, safer prospect coming out of college?

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    • Hard to say hiw Manny would have been as a SS if he’d played it right from the start in the majors.  Due to Hardy’s presence, he essentially played 3B for 5.3 seasons before ever getting a shot as full time SS.   By that time he’d lost some speed and range and was rusty at the ins and outs of SS. If 2012-14 Hardy was on this team, Gunnar would be at 3B, watching Hardy win his three Gold Gloves.  
    • The Orioles are not going to re-sign Burnes and they prob shouldn't based on what he's going to ask for. Answer is Gunnar and it's not even really close.  Give the man whatever he wants and keep him indefinitely.  
    • Gunnar. He will add an All Star nod this year and is on an MVP pace. Higher WAR in fewer PA. 
    • Still a lot of things to shake out this year that IMO affects this decision.   1. Is Silent J the heir apparent to RF? 2. Is Beavers taking the next step and showing as a viable starting OF? 3. Is Fabian taking the next step to be a legit 4th OF who can play all 3 positions?   I will be very surprised if Taters is on the team next year. Honestly I think that if he is it will be due to failure of the young guys to show out. Good thing for us is we have enough of them that I don’t think that will happen.
    • He said after the game that he has five pitches, and if any three of them are working on a given night, he can mix them up enough to get batters out.  
    • He’s had quite the turnaround vs. LHP on this road trip.  Hopefully it continues all year!
    • Gunnar's definitely looking like the MVP of the Orioles and looks like priority #1 to me to get an extension. Burnes age works against him, because the O's maybe don't want to go longer than 5-6 years at most, but I could be wrong there. The Witt extension kind of set the parameters of what Gunnar will probably want at minimum. 2025 25 Kansas City Royals $8,111,111     2026 26 Kansas City Royals $14,111,111     2027 27 Kansas City Royals $20,111,111     2028 28 Kansas City Royals $31,111,111     2029 29 Kansas City Royals $36,111,111     2030 30 Kansas City Royals $36,111,111     2031 31 Kansas City Royals *$35,000,000   $35M Player Option 2032 32 Kansas City Royals *$35,000,000   $35M Player Option 2033 33 Kansas City Royals *$35,000,000   $35M Player Option 2034 34 Kansas City Royals *$35,000,000   $35M Player Option 2035 35 Kansas City Royals *$33,000,000   $33M Team Option 2036 36 Kansas City Royals *$28,000,000   $28M Team Option 2037 37 Kansas City Royals *$28,000,000   $28M Team
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