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Dan Patrick/Cliff Lee/12-8


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I was watching the Dan Patrick show today on ESPN. He said that the Yankees have made Cliff Lee a 6 year offer, probably in 23-25 mill/year range. Sounds like that could be done soon. He also said that it looks like Crawford is going to the Angels, still wants 8 years. He didn't say the Angels have made an offer.

He basically mocked the Werth deal. He said you don't give someone like Werth this kind of money. He'll be 38 when it's over. Werth is a good player but not a great player. I'm going to buy tickets to see Arod, Jeter, and Sabathia (obvious NY bias), but no one's buying tickets to see Jason Werth. He gave the impression he thought the Nats were just throwing money around and didn't have a plan.

Anyone else see the show?

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