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Baltimore being serious players for Dickey


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I'm always for adding proven starting pitching. Go get him, if we can do it without giving up TOO many good young pitchers. Would like to see something like Gonzo and Matusz for Dickey, but they might want more than that... I would hate to see us trade away Gausman or Tillman, and I think Bundy wouldn't even enter the conversation. At least I would hope not.

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We won't get him, but Hammel, Britton and Strop could be a starting point.

Don't forget that Dickey is only under contract for the 2013 season. That keeps the price down considerably... well, that and the fact that while Dickey has been very effective for 3 years now, 2012 was MUCH better than anything he's done before. What are the odds that he never replicates that again? I'd say pretty good.

Am I interested in Dickey? Surely. Am I willing to give up significant pieces of our young talent to get one year of him? Not so much.

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