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Opening Day Photos Around Baseball

Migrant Redbird

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I have to give the Skanks some props. They made the dimensions and the "look" of the new stadium look just like the old stadium. Even the oldER stadium.

Of course not the 457' of the old park, and Monuments in play... but the facade is spot on. And still a blast to anywhere in left field, left center, center. Still a house for lefties like Ruth built but even more so now with the newfangled jet stream to right they have goin' on.

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Damn, is that Opening Day yesterday? Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha. Typical Yankees fans. The Bronx and Fenway are gonna look like this all year! I love it.

And we Oriole fans will have an easier time buying the cheapest tickets available and "upgrading" them. :)

Hell, the Yankee Stadium ushers might even beg us to sit in better seats just to minimize the embarrassment, like they did at last year's A.L.C.S. :laughlol:

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This was more what I had in mind:


Lowly Astros Upset Rangers 8-2! As play opens on April 1st, Rick Ankiel is the AL Triple Crown leader.


Snakes Deal Cards Bad Hand, 6-2. At least the sun was shining, but there was no joy in Baseball Heaven.


Mets Fans Pack Stadium to see Home Team rout Padres, 11-2.


AL takes 2013 Interleague opener, as Angels outlast Reds 3-1 in 13 innings.

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I agree. Why don't we let the union decide?

Because the union is dominated by Scott Boras and a few washed up veteran free agents. Has there ever been a poll of players to see how they feel about the issue?

Baseball is 9 against 9. If the pitcher is going to throw at batters, he should have to take his turn at the plate.

There is no excuse for letting players bat who can't field a position.

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