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I believe Justin Morneau is the answer at 1st if we don't resign Davis.


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His 2015 stats: .310 .363 .458 .821

He only played in 49 games with 168 at bats due to concussion and neck injuries but he when he returned from the DL in early September, In 65 plate appearances, he batted to a line of .351 / .431 / .474 (.905 OPS).

The question is whether or not Colorado will pick up the mutual option to keep him.

This move addresses the OBP need in the lineup with these lifetime stats:

.282 .349 .483 .832

Also we may be able to get him at a lower salary due to his injury issues.

Would he pass the Angelos physical? Would he even want to risk exposing himself to the possibility of not passing?

What are your thoughts on signing him?

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