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At What Point, Do You Hold DD Accountable, If Any?


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From an organization that had zero winning seasons in the 14 years prior to his arrival. I know it's popular to talk about accountability and not accepting failure and expecting excellence and this stuff, but sports is a zero-sum game. But we're fans who have little or no influcence over how the team is run, so us holding Duquette or Angelos accountable is a fiction, it's a conceit. Also, in every year the wins and losses in a league have to equal each other. Half the teams, give or take, are going to have a losing record each and every year. But fans always expect not only wins, but wins the right way that set up more wins in the future.

If you'd asked the Hangout in 2008 what they thought of a future that played out as 2012-2015 did I'd guess 30% of the board would have donated a kidney to science to get to that reality. Now that we're actually there it's a firing offense.

Look, I'm not thrilled about everything, and occasionally confused and perplexed by decisions. But I try to not let pursuit of the ideal stand in the way of enjoying the pretty good. I saw 1985-88 and 1998-2011, I know what bad baseball from a lost organization looks like. It ain't four winning seasons in four years.

I need my kidneys.

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