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Are the 2021 Orioles The Greatest Team in MLB History?


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8 hours ago, sevastras said:

First, the Orioles don’t have a black catcher. If you are referring to Pedro Severino, he is Dominican, therefore would be considered Latin if he was filling out the US Census form. 
Second, I don’t care what color he is, he is lazy defensively.  Not like a Machado not running out balls, but a sloppy and not precise lazy. Like he is at practice and not giving his best effort. Maybe he is just incapable of being any better and giving him the benefit of the doubt that he is lazy and can get it together is wishful thinking. 
Third, no one ever said or inferred on here he was lazy because he is black. 
Fourth, I have no idea what color you are but your screen name with the uuuuuuuu, has been repeatedly proven to be the least obnoxious part of your posts. 
I am going to finally try out that ignore button. 

This is just a fantastic post.

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