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2 hours ago, Bahama O's Fan said:

Maybe we will be hitting so many HR's this season that they won't feel special. Kinda like Barry Sanders scoring a TD and giving the ball to the ref. No need to celebrate. This is what I do. I do it all the time. 

Baseball is hard. I like it when guys have fun and celebrate their successes (within reason). 

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My 9 year old daughter demanded to know last night "What are they going to play with after they hit a home run?", clearly calling back to the bong(which I guess I will have to address down the road huh?) I told her I wasn't sure that they made up their minds yet. 

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The Homer chain from two years ago was fine. If they keep changing it up they'll end up with something forced and contrived. Mounty was riding handle bars in the dugout after his HR. Its still better than the samurai helmet that the Angels were using last year. I would have hated that. 

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