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The Official Draft Thread

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I figured instead of clogging the boards with draft thoughts throughout the day, we should just combine it all into one thread. :D Smart thinking eh?

1st round

Washington Nationals: Stephen Strasburg

Seattle Mariners: Dustin Ackley

San Diego Padres:Donovan Tate

Pittsburgh Pirates:Tony Sanchez

Baltimore Orioles:Matt Hobgood

San Fransisco Giants:Zach Wheeler

Atlanta Braves:Mike Minor

Cincinnati Reds:Mike Leake

Detroit Tigers:Jacob Turner

Washington Nationals:Drew Storen

Colorado Rockies:Tyler Matzek

Kansas City Royals:Aaron Crow

Oakland Athletics:Grant Green

Texas Rangers:Matt Purke

Cleveland Indians:Alex White

Arizona Diamondbacks:Bobby Borchering

Arizona Diamondbacks:AJ Pollock

Florida Marlins:Chad James

St. Louis Cardinals:Shelby Miller

Toronto Blue Jays:Chad Jenkins

Houston Astros:Jiovanni Mier

Minnesota Twins:Kyle Gibson

Chicago White Sox:Jared Mitchell

LA Angels:Randall Grichuk

LA Angels:Mike Trout

Milwaukee Brewers:Eric Arnett

Seattle Mariners:Nick Franklin

Boston Red Sox:Raymond Fuentes

New York Yankees:Slade Heathcott

Tampa Bay Rays:Levan Washington

Chicago Cubs:Brett Jackson

Colorado Rockies: Tim Wheeler

Im just going to do the 1st round. Penguins game is on at 8 :)

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I'm not gonna lie, for this draft I honestly wouldn't be that upset if the Orioles "failed" to sign whomever (whoever?) they draft.

It's a weaker year, and I don't mind the idea of the Orioles having next year's 6th overall pick as well as a likely top 5 (#1? Bryce?) in what should be a stronger crop of prospects.

With the exception of a couple players noone really jumps out at me as a must have at #5- if this were the NFL the team would be doing everything possible to trade down, ala the Ravens with the #8 pick a year ago.

Anyway I'm hoping they get ahold of Matzek or Ackley or Tate, but being unlikely they will fall and/or be an easy sign, the Orioles having two top 6 draft picks next year does not upset me in the least.

But in the end I'll probably be happy with whatever happens. In Jordan We Trust.

(Altho I'm really not excited about the idea of taking Hobgood)

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Post them in the thread sure, but it could get really big. I was hoping you could update your opening post as well.

No problemo my friend.

BTW just looked at a scouting video for Hobgood, check out the movement on his fastball in the first couple of pitches he throws :eek:


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