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Edwin Encarnacion designated for assignment by the Blue Jays.....


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He has a 167 BABIP. His LD% isn't great but it is good enough where his BABIP should be much higher.

He also has a good walk %.

Despite that poor BABIP, his slugging is still 467 and his OPS is over 750.

Yes, the OBP is poor but he has a disparity of around 100 points between BA and OBP...If his BABIP was up where it should be, I bet his BA would be in the 230-250 range and all of a sudden, his OPS is pushing 800.

He wouldn't have been demoted either.

Agreed. I had mentioned this earlier. Plus he's 27. He's not old and he's coming off a broken wrist. But his ISO (267) is way up this year (so that kills a lot of concerns about the injury sapping his power). His K/BB 24/19 still isn't anything to be concerned over either.

You have to wonder about some of his timing issues, but if he's still got some of that pop in his bat I'm not sure why we didn't take a gamble. Even with Bell in the long term, it's still another piece to move in the future or a guy who can actually hit a double.

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Since joining Toronto, EE has a 779 OPS...His OBP is poor at 304 but that is mostly due to a very unlucky BABIP...His LD% is decent...His walk rate is 8%, which isn't terrible. His K rate is also a big improvement as well.

He has hit 20 homers and had 16 doubles.

He has been worth 1.7 WAR since joining them and playing about half a season. His UZR is -1.8...Not great but not really horrendous either.

We should have picked him up.

If Toronto decides to non-tender him, then he should be 4th on the 3rd base list IMO...behind Reynolds, Gordon and Beltre.

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Hoopla over Encarnacion, seriously?

He's batting 200. Has an OBP under 300. Barely had an OBP above 300 last year. He's not a great 3B. He's not a great 1B. Why are we whining over not getting this guy again?

I'm all for whining about the Orioles, as they're historically bad. But this is not one of those things I care even the slightest about.

I concur and have never been impressed with anything about him. The fact that his own team put him through waivers and nobody really wanted him says the important people agree. When he played against the O's, I was always happy to see him up, because he looked like any decent pitcher can get him out easily - as long as they don't hang a slider. And he's lousy defensively. The O's NEED to do a lot better than him.

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