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Which college pitcher that would likely be available to the O's

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could make to the majors in roughly the same amount of time as Matusz did?

I'm assuming that Cole will definitely be gone, barring a catastrophic injury. Since Purke is no longer considered a top-five pick, probably one of the many other college pitchers mentioned in prior threads will be taken before the O's pick(it's anybody's guess who that might be). So who, other than Cole could be fast-tracked to the majors?

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I think most of the college pitchers we should consider this high could progress very quickly through the minors. They're probably just a little pro experience away from being too good for AAA. Hultzen, Gray, Bradley and Jungmann all seem capable of being better than anyone not named Matusz or Britton very quickly (say early 2013 season), and maybe as good as or better than those guys after some pro experience if the chips fall a certain way.

I really like the idea of adding Gray or Bradley, but also love the idea of adding Starling, so what do I know?

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Hultzen would only be limited by his lack of real heat. He's definitely a finesse lefty, which does play well at this level. Hultzen also does not walk a lot of batters.

I'd call 2010 Hultzen a finese lefty, but 2011 Hultzen has been up to 95 and is consistently sitting low-90s with regular 93s. I'd consider his FB above-average, particularly for a lefty.

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