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Who will you root for in the Playoffs?


Who are you backing?  

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  1. 1. Who are you backing?

    • DBacks
    • Brewers
    • Cardinals
    • Phillies
    • Rays
    • Rangers
    • Tigers
    • Yankees

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1.) Rays

2.) Brewers

3.) Rangers

4.) D-Backs

5.) Cardinals

6.) Tigers

7.) Phillies

Infinite.) Yankees

Rays-Brewers would be the ideal given the two have never won one before. Rangers, D-Backs have two former O's I like. Cards and Tigers are two historical franchises I respect but we had that world series five years ago. I hope for good baseball though. I am rooting for the Rays because they are everything I want the O's to be and frankly believe they can be with the right people running the team.

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Rays winning is very counter to the Orioles interest since it would likely increase their attendance and payroll. I chose St. Louis on the off chance that the Brewers losing could make it more likely that Prince ends up an Oriole. I know it is a slim shance, but at least there would be one.

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Preferences for the World Series:

1. Diamondbacks

2. Rangers

3. Brewers

4. Tigers

5. Cardinals

6. Rays

7. World Series cancelled

8. A-bombs get dropped all over the country

9. Phillies

10. The Earth explodes

11. MLB is disbanded

12. Yankees

Ok...3 out 4 is fine by me.

Updated list:

1. Rangers

2. Brewers

3. Tigers

4. Cardinals

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