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Who will you root for in the Playoffs?


Who are you backing?  

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  1. 1. Who are you backing?

    • DBacks
    • Brewers
    • Cardinals
    • Phillies
    • Rays
    • Rangers
    • Tigers
    • Yankees

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I root for teams in both leagues. The Raya AL the Brewers NL. If the Rays get knocket out I prefer Texas over Detroit and MFY's, and Detroit over MFY's. In the NL I prefer MIL. AR, STlL in that order. If it ends up Philly and MFY's, I'll hold y nose and root for Philly.

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Preferences for the World Series:

1. Diamondbacks

2. Rangers

3. Brewers

4. Tigers

5. Cardinals

6. Rays

7. World Series cancelled

8. A-bombs get dropped all over the country

9. Phillies

10. The Earth explodes

11. MLB is disbanded

12. Yankees

Add in:

11a. I'm made to roll around naked in broken glass and then put in an acid bath.

11b. I'm sent to prison with a shirt on that says "I have a pretty mouth."

11c. I'm forced to sever and then eat my own genitals while listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

and then I'm with you.

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I really do not understand all the love for the Rays. I hate them and the Blue Jays. Mind you, they're nowhere near the level of the Red Sox and Yankees, but I still can't stand them. Do you really want to see the Rays turn into the Sox post-2004?

The Rays are just an impossible team to hate for me. Losers for 10 years until they finally put it together and are winning the right way in the same division as the hated Red Sox and Yankees who are the polar opposites of the Rays. It gives me more hope that we can put together a playoff caliber team in this division. I just don't know how you can hate that.

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