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Pirates Cy Problems


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If you take a look at the Pirates offensive statistics you might find one of the worst starts ever by a team. The day the Orioles hit 4 homers to beat the White Sox...the Pirates had 4 homers as a team on the season. But perhaps there is a reason for this. Thus far the Pirates have faced:

Player: (Place in 2011 Cy Young Voting)

Roy Halladay (2nd)

Cliff Lee (3rd)

Clayton Kershaw (1st)

Chad Billingsley (-), but starting the season well

Matt Cain (6th)

Ryan Vogelsong (11th)

Ian Kennedy (4th)

Despite facing 7! of last years top Cy vote getters in their first 12 games the Pirates managed a 5-7 record through that stretch. Does anyone remember a team getting a worse draw out of the box?

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