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vs. RAYS, 4/02 (Opening Day)


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BALTIMORE ORIOLES O(vs. D-RAYS, 4/02) O(Opening Day)

Nick Markakis - RF

Manny Machado - 3B

Adam Jones - CF

Matt Wieters - C

Chris Davis - 1B

J.J. Hardy - SS

Nolan Reimold - LF

Steve Pearce - DH

Brian Roberts - 2B

Jason Hammel - RHP (8-6, 3.43 ERA)


Desmond Jennings - CF

Sam Fuld - RF

Ben Zobrist - 2B

Evan Longoria - 3B

Matt Joyce - LF

Yunel Escobar - SS

James Loney - 1B

Jose Molina - C

Kelly Johnson - DH

David Price - LHP (20-5, 2.56 ERA) *




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Nice.day for opening day.72 deg. Clear skies. Gentle nw breezes here in St Pete. Perfect if it was outdoors. Son flew in from BWI this morning. Says here were lots of Os fans on the plane. Lots of excitemet in the air. Go Os.

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    • Man, this year's crop of FA 2Bs is seriously one of the most anemic FA classes for a particular position that I have ever seen. Assuming Philly declines his $17 million club option (which is very likely but not even a complete certainty), there is exactly one guy who has a sustained track record of legitimately above average production, Jean Segura, and he is ~33 and coming off a solid but somewhat down year by his prior standards. After that, there is one guy coming off a good year but with very little prior track record, Brandon Drury, and then it's pretty much all downhill from there. I suppose a team could sign a big money FA SS like Xander or Trea to play 2B if they are open to switching positions, but that would be a pretty inefficient use of resources for most teams. Or they could sign a SS and move their current SS over to 2B if they can afford to/are willing to pay market rates for a quality everyday SS. In light of all of that, I wonder if some of our potential IF excess, like Urias, Mateo, Westburg, and Ortiz, might fetch a fair amount more in trade from a MIF-needy team than they would in an offseason where there are at least a couple of fairly attractive everyday 2B options. Hopefully Elias can cash in on the situation, whether that be in the form of immediate help for the big league club or more prospects to keep the future talent pipeline pumping. Either way, we definitely seem to be in a strong position heading into the offseason.
    • Ben Clemens did an interesting study of how catchers’ speed drops off compared to other positions.   His conclusion: catchers’ speed doesn’t drop off any faster than anyone else’s, it’s just that they’re slower on average to begin with.  So, the wear and tear from catching doesn’t cause any extraordinary loss of speed.    The other interesting part was just the general path of speed loss for all players.   On average, it’s pretty much a constant, not something that accelerates at a certain age.  Generally speaking, it’s about 0.14 feet per second per year.  Obviously, an individual player can vary.     
    • There is no 'intent to cheat' if it's not against the rules.  Athletes forever have been taking supplements of one kind or another to try to get an edge.  As long as it's legal and not against the rules then no problem.  
    • I didn’t know about that, but I view it as different from knowingly using a banned substance.   Nor did it actually help him, apparently. But in any event, I’d rather keep the focus on our strategy against Judge this weekend.  That’s what this thread is about.  Not your fault for getting off-topic, that was already happening.  
    • Bourbon, cigars and poor decisions in the early morning hours.
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