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Who helps us in 2015 from the prospect pipeline?


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Seems to me the following players who probably won't be on the 25-man roster on Opening Day could eventually find a role in Baltimore this year:

Christian Walker

Dariel Alvarez

Mike Wright

Tyler Wilson

Zach Davies

Dylan Bundy

Jimmy Paredes

I could throw Henry Urrutia and Michael Almanzar onto this list, but I think they're longshots.

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In order of most likely to least likely:

Paredes--Pinch hitting option when rosters expand.

Bundy--to get some MLB experience before joining the rotation in 2016 to replace Bud or Chen.Walker if Chris Davis struggle or Pearce gets injured.

Walker--At minimum he will see some ABs when rosters expand. Could play a larger role if Davis is horrible or Pearce is injured.

Chris Jones--assuming Miller walks and Matusz is nontendered, we have an immediate need for at least one LOOGY. Jones is the next man up from inside the organization.

A catcher if Wieters or CJ gets injured. Ward? I think I read somewhere that he is well regarded in the organization for his defense.

Berry--Could be a LOOGY if we don't resign Miller or sign a free agent but probably want to keep him starting.


A utility infielder type in the event of injury to Schoop/Hardy/Flaherty. Anyone know if we plan to sign Casilla to a minor league contract?

Alvarez/Urrutia/Yaztremski. Whoever is doing best could get a cup of coffee when rosters expand. Yaz and Urrutia have the advantage of being lefty. Yaz seems to be a more polished hitter of the three with a higher walk rate and could eventually be that leadoff hitter we are looking for.

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Guys that may start the year in the minors but could be call up at some point in 2015:

All these players are not projected to be on the 25 man roster to start the season, will probably be on the 40 man roster and have options so they could be called up at any time.

1) TJ McFarland - Roster crunch could cause him to not be on the 25 man roster.

2) Christian Walker

3) Mike Wright

4) Tyler Wilson

5) Dylan Bundy

6) Tim Berry

7) Henry Urrutia

8) Steve Lombardozzi

9) Quintin Berry

10) Steve Clevenger

11) Pat McCoy


These players will not be on the 25 man roster or the 40 man roster, so they would require that the O's make room on both rosters for them to be called up. They are protected from the Rule 5 draft because they have not spent 4 years in the minors.

11) Dariel Alvarez

12) Zach Davies


These players will not be on the 25 man roster or the 40 man roster, so they would require that the O's make room on both roster for them to be called up. They are not protected from the Rule 5 draft but may be in a position to be called up if they do well.

These players all have at least 6 years in the minors an could be minor league free agents in not resigned to a minor league contract.

13) Mike Almanzar

14) Oliver Drake

15) Jason Gurka

All 15 players are likely to start the year at AAA.

DD may add to this list with 40 man roster and minor league signings.

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Whatever happened to Urrutia? Last offseason' date=' some people were thinking he could be our LH DH? Does Paredes have options? If so, he'll stick around for a while.[/quote']

Paredes is out of options and must pass through waivers to be sent to the minors.

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Paredes is out of options and must pass through waivers to be sent to the minors.

Perhaps the best day to pass him thru is the day after opening day. Davis is not on the 25-man on opening day due to it being the last day of his suspension. Have Paredes on the opening day roster, then pass him thru on day 2, when it might be less likely for teams to file a claim, since they have just set their rosters to start the year.

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When his suspension finished, he was still in the O's organization. Gamboa is a 6 year minor league FA. He can sign with anyone. Below is a list of players who played for us last year and are now 6 year minor league FA's. Per Baseball America.

Baltimore Orioles

RHP: Jesse Beal (Hi A), Matt Bischoff (AAA), Robert Coello (AAA), Oliver Drake (AA), Eddie Gamboa (AA), Steven Hensley (AA), Brock Huntzinger (AAA), Steve Johnson (AAA), Evan Meek (AAA), Ramon Ramirez (AAA)

LHP: Nick Additon (AA), Jason Gurka (AA), Chris Jones (AAA), Jorge Rivera (Lo A), Anthony Vasquez (AA)

1B: Chris Marrero (AA)

2B: Buck Britton (AA), Tom DiBenedetto (AA)

3B: David Adams (AA), Michael Almanzar (AAA)

SS: Niuman Romero (AA), Sharlon Schoop (AA)

OF: Ronald Bermudez (AA), Julio Borbon (AAA), Chih-Hsien Chiang (Hi A), K.D. Kang (AA), Francisco Peguero (AAA)

BTW, Xavier Avery is a FA now just like these guys.

That is a lot of minor league FAs. DD will spend a lot of time this off season re-stocking Norfolk.

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    • What would be ideal is for the #1-#2 punch at the top of the rotation to be a combo of RHP and LHP.  It seems that the teams who are most successful have those guys to lead their rotation. And I agree with your statement about John Means. If Grayson Rodriguez were to provide us with any indicator, then John Means will not be the same guy that he was before his injury.  (Neither is Grayson compared to himself prior to injury.)
    • The most intriguing mystery about this series is who will pitch on Wednesday? Could be Irvin, Could be Voth. Could be DL Hall? Maybe Drew Rom makes his Major League debut? Hmm...
    • I blame the Montreal Expos for that. They poached our territory. And all the front office executives from 2001-2011 are also partially to blame for failing to compete with Washington for fans. (And as a side note, I really hope we are valuing our fans from North Carolina who have supported the Orioles for generations.)
    • Interesting little piece of trivia. At this same point (of service time on the calendar) through both their careers, Cal (Ripken Jr) had played in fewer games and had fewer plate appearances. Gunnar Henderson has a better wOBA and a better wRC+ through the same amount of plate appearances up to this point of Gunnar's career. (I'll make a topic about it tomorrow).
    • The story of the Guardians year has been the inability to put runs on the board, but they still lead MLB in fewest Strikeouts, and Fangraphs still pegs BAL the very worst team at defense YTD. They won the rubber game today of their Cardinals series, so are coming in on a little bit of a good note.     The Twins haven't played very well, leaving almost everyone a good week away from the division lead. K-BB standing among Active Roster AL SP (18) Wells v. (30) Allen (54) Gibson v. (61) Quantrill Voth/Irvin v. (49) Bieber 2 of 3 day games in a weekday series with the holiday, and a getaway day out to San Francisco and Alex Cobb for us.     Cleanup hitter Josh Naylor sat out today after fouling a ball off his foot, but X-rays okay and chances are he'll be back for this series.     With the 2.5 day break from WED afternoon to FRI night late, Hyde should have a lot of options for the finale if Wells/Gibson hold serve.  
    • Anyone else pissed that they played us so tough? We should have swept them. 
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