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Favorite Pitcher to watch...


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I am the baseball fan that loves to watch the 2-1 game. I am just wondering which pitchers you guys love to watch past or current.....

For me Kerry Wood was one of my favorites when he didn't get touched by Dusty. Pedro in 98-00 was my all-time favorite. I still remember him striking out 6 batters in the All-star game.

Currently Bedard is my favorite to watch. I love the way to attacks the strikezone with the fastball/curveball arsenal. Another guy I try to always watch pitch is Brad Penny. I don't know why but for some reason I always watch his games early in the year.

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I love to watch any great pitcher when he's on. If I had to choose one, I'd say Jim Palmer because he had the most beautiful delivery I ever saw, and his ability to mix the high heat with the 12-6 slow curve was very tantalizing. Among active pitchers I think I might go with Maddux in his prime, because he seemed hittable but he simply wasn't.

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Since he plays in SD, you don't see him that much, but the times I have seen him, I was sufficiently "wowed". Jake Peavy

Big fan of Peavy.

Dave Stewart in the late 80's, Maddux when he was in Atlanta, and Bedard more recently.

Last year I stayed up and watched the game where Guthrie pitched in San Diego. Talk about being on. I don't have a game log in front of me, but when he pitched to contact nobody was getting the good part of the bat on the ball. There wasn't one hard hit ball while he was in.

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    • I’m willing to wait and be patient until the end of the offseason. What choice do any of us really have? But if the Orioles plan is to “nickel and dime” Free Agents, go bargain bin shopping, rely on prospect growth, and convince fans they are still in a rebuild with a “limited budget”; I think this will tell me all I need to know. The first name may have changed with ownership, but the last name is still the same. If we don’t spend big now with this minuscule payroll when will we ever? If arb is going to be used as a reason to not spend on Free Agency will it get better when our younger players get more expensive through raises? My greatest hope is that the Orioles actually care about their fans and MORE IMPORTANTLY about winning a championship. I know to each his/her own, but I will never be able to get behind billions budgeting and pinching pennies to make more millions.
    • It’s a huge problem in our society today that if something gets said three times on Twitter, people will take it for a fact.  Let’s just wait until we have an authoritative report.   
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    • I believe Elias has more money to play with as the 30 million Bam money comes into play.   I look for a signing of Tailon, Bell, and back up catcher by Christmas. Mullins CF Rutschman  C Henderson 3B  Bell DH Santander RF Mountcastle 1B Hays/Stowers LF Westburg 2B Mateo SS        
    • Or, they could turn out to be very wrong.    I do agree that the impact FA pitchers will cost that much or more.  There may be some trade targets who won’t, at least in 2023.  
    • I still doubt you’d be correct.  Check back in 20 years!
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