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The Yankees have 5 high ranked players


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Even though they were Yankees this season, are they only allowed to re-sign 4?

Is Posada done as a catcher? Rodriguez has to be an immediate priority.

I think they want to bring back Pettitte and Marte and I think both would be signed quickly.

Mussina will probably hold out on his decision to keep playing or retire.

Abreu wants to stay with the Yankees, but I read that they might not bring him back with Damon, Nady, and Cabrera out there.

3 of 5 re-signed before Sabathia and Teixeira are mentioned. Burnett is in the mix as well if the Yankees don't sign Sabathia.

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That doesn't answer my question

I read that teams are only allowed 4 Type A's or B's

Does that include a team's own players or not.

Yes I did answer your question.

You are allowed to resign your own players. It doesnt necessarily include your own players. If they lost their players via free agency, that is one extra Type A or B they could sign above the 4 that was slotted.

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