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Mid Level Free Agents


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There has been a huge outcry by the mid level free agents and their agents this year about collusion. Anyone with intelligence can see that there is no incentive for losing teams to sign mid level free agents. The David Segui, Jermaine Dye, Washburn, Hideki Matsui, Kris Benson type players (just examples) are taking huge paycuts. These type of players might be worth a couple of wins to a competitive team if they had a good year. A team like the O's have no incentive to sign midlevel free agents. The difference between 70 and 72 wins means nothing.

The difference between 90 and 92 wins could be the playoffs.

A soft salary cap would solve this problem, IMO. Base of salary cap would be 60 million, and the cap would be 120 million. Teams are taxed on an increasing basis for spending over the cap. Maybe 25% first year, 40% 2nd year, 60% 3rd year, and 100% 4th year and after. Cap amounts would increase ever year.

I know this has been discussed on other threads, but I'm too frustrated to think about the O's play. :cussing:

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    • You've never really been a Stowers guy and have always put a huge emphasis on K-BB ratio. While I agree that K-BB ratio can be important, I believe you had misgivings with Mountcastle as he moved up the chain for the same reason. Stowers is always going to have a lot of miss, but he's not getting much regular playing time and pinch-hitting against relievers is not normally a time to work pitchers so I'm not surprised he's been more aggressive. I still think if Stowers was given 500 PAs he's going to hit 25-30 bombs and put up an OPS north of .780. And I think he's improved his defense enough that I would feel ok with him in LF in Camden Yards.
    • I'm talking about the tone.  It's like they are gleeful that Cease is going through a rough patch.
    • Mullins is a guy that has very little chance of getting an extension or a large contract from anyone. He makes sense as a 4th outfielder type on a team with a right-handed hitting CF, something the Orioles won't have unless Jud Fabian just completely turns it on.  I have to imagine this will be Mullins last year with the Orioles, which should move Cowser into center opening up left field for Stowers next year.  
    • Boras says a lot of nothing. He always praises the organizations and says his players like it there because why wouldn't he? He's the type of guy where you can't read into anything he says because it's all BS. He's a politician. 
    • It's a great question. I really don't think Stowers was as slow as his first spring speeds. He never seemed that slow in the minors so I was surprised by his original times. Now maybe he did do some speed training to help him improve, but I also think he may not have been 100% when he came up the first time.  But since this is Mayo's thread, I'd be very surprised if he's not activated today back to the Norfolk roster. 
    • Verlander was a once in baseball history type of move. He was an August waiver trade. He had actually cleared waivers. Meaning not even one team just put in a general claim to just take on the rest of his deal. Not even an AL rival put in a claim just to block it ala the Padres with Randy Myers back in the day. 
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