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Frank Robinson's new gig


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I think Frank handled the on-field discipline issues for MLB before he became manager of the Expos/Nats. So, he's got experience with that. As to the umps, I agree they need some oversight.

In some cases they just need some sight.

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He has been put in charge of umpire oversight and on-field discipline.

Lets hope they give Frank enough power to curb some of the attitude and aggression the umps have been showing this season.


He was Director of Discipline before, but that didn't include umps, and God knows they need some.

The main thrust of the article was that the guy who was in charge of ump-oversight...and various other things... just got demoted. Evidently he was "VP of Miscellaneous Things MLB Doesn't Care About Much". I bet it said that right on his office door. Anyway, his job got divvied up, and Frank got the ump part, along with his old MLB job. But why did the guy get demoted?

Why? Unknown at the moment, but it's worth noting that one of Solomon's duties is to oversee umpires. And as we've been following for some time now, the umpires are out of control. Bad calls and bad attitudes and in need of a good butt-kicking.

Frank is just the man for the job ;-)

However, we don't know if Bud is giving him any weight to throw around. Knowing Bud, it could be just window dressing that doesn't amount to much...

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