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NOOOOOOOO! Reimold for Bartlett? Say it ain't so!

Nick The Stick

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danconnollysun Dan Connolly

#Orioles and #Rays swap of Jason Bartlett for Nolan Reimold is heating up. One source expects it to happen today,

All of the goodwill AM established yesterday will not only deteriorate, but will go into the negative category. The guy has two seasons with OPS over 700. I want to get rid of Izzy as much as anyone, but trading Reimold for a guy like this is mind-boggling and something I think we will regret for years.

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This is certainly not the trade I am was hoping for, but it is possible there is more wrong with Reimold then we know. Maybe he really needs a change of scenery.

Or maybe MacPhail knows he can extend Bartlett?

Or maybe another LF is being pursued making Reimold more expendable?

If this happens, I'll wait to pass full judgement until other moves are made as well.

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