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Scott Profrock (PHI Assistant GM) to interview


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Britt breaks it down with a very recent update:

Here are a few names to tentatively cross off your list: Mets special assistant JP Ricciardi and the Rangers? A.J. Preller and Thad Levine. As of Wednesday, the Orioles haven?t reached out. It?s very possible they go after some of the names you heard at the beginning of this search, such as Tampa Bay?s Gerry Hunsicker or the White Sox Rick Hahn, although both of those guys are content in their current organizations and roles and I can?t see the Orioles GM job ?which is already getting a less than desirable rap around baseball ? being enticing enough for them to want to leave. Another name to keep tabs on is Twins executive Mike Radcliff, especially considering his very-well respected background in scouting.

UPDATE: According to the Baltimore Sun, the Orioles have reached out to Radcliff. So there?s another name to add to the list.

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Hope you don't mind I made the DiPoto item a separate thread. :o

No no. Absolutely, I'll edit mine to delete it.

With the site down, I just wanted to get as much news out as possible for people to discuss. And I wanted the credit for finding it. :mwahaha:

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