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vs. INDIANS 6/29


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Shin-Soo Choo - RF

Asdrubal Cabrera - SS

Jason Kipnis - 2B

Michael Brantley - CF

Johnny Damon - LF

Casey Kotchman - 1B

Lonnie Chisenhall - DH

Jack Hannahan - 3B

Lou Marson - C

Derek Lowe - RHP (7-6, 4.28 ERA


Brian Roberts - 2B

Xavier Avery - LF

J.J. Hardy - SS

Adam Jones - CF

Wilson Betemit - 1B

Chris Davis - DH

Matt Wieters - C

Ryan Flaherty - RF

Robert Andino - 3B

Jake Arrietaberry - RHP (3-9, 5.55 ERA)


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    • This does not sting Elias.    Elias told us the truth when he traded Mancini.  He basically verbally said that this was not the year the O's were going to make the playoffs.  Then he realized what he said and what it meant and went to Texas to tell the troops that he still believed in them.   He had to so they would not quit on him. As far as the OH, I think over the winter we as a group will come to believe what Tony always says.   Watch what the O's do, not what they say. When O's traded Mancini and Lopez while the contending teams were  strengthening their weaknesses that was the sign most of us can look at as the determining factor in not doing as well was the team could have.   Lopez would have helped the pen in the 2nd half even if he blew a few saves.   Mancini would have added to the offense and the experience level to get through the tough times.   The fact that when Elias called up Gunner  and he did not call up Westburg was also a sign that Elias was looking to future not the present. Now don't get me wrong.  Elias has done an amazing job this year.  That is why the team is closer to a 80 game win team than a 60 game win team.  All the waiver claims that panned out in the pen and Voth in the the rotation.  The turnaround of Kremer and Bradish.  The patience is took to allow Mateo be become a GG candidate.  There are just so many things that Elias and company did right. But don't think for a minute that Elias went all in to make the playoffs this season.  He said when he was hired that given the choice to barely making the playoffs or  build a team to win the division he would do the latter.  And he did. So for me its not games that will sting.  Its that Elias did not believe this was the year.  Even though the odds are he was probably right.
    • Reed only really hurt in one game. Tuesday in Boston.   I’m not say he was a great pickup. 
    • Elias has a pretty good track record of bringing in guys no one has heard of that are castoffs from other teams and getting something out of them.   This one didn't work out.   Plenty of others did (Perez, Baker, Krehbiel, Urias, Mateo, Watkins, Lopez, etc).    He gets a lot of leeway from me when he brings in a waiver claim based on the track record in that department.   Reed appears to have failed but I'm not going to be too critical on that.
    • Who hits lefties well that hasn’t played ? What player?  Adley does not sit every game vs LHP. Gunnar started 4/7 vs LHP. Mullins doesn’t sit every game vs LHP. 
    • The Orioles went 7-14 in April. That was pretty painful. 
    • These are my top 5 in no particular order. 1. Losing 3/4 to Oakland  2. Swept in Detroit  3. Make up game vs Cubs 4. Last Oak game before Labor Day (this was the beginning of the end) 5. First 2 vs Detroit last week Obviously all the losses to TOR BOS and HOU hurt too but not as inexcusable as losing the 5+ above to crappy teams. 
    • I think there were two back to back blown saves by Lopez against the Twins.
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