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2014 Top Prospect List


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1. Dylan Bundy - RHP - Full Profile (Plus members): Bundy's original advanced schedule was obviously altered by the Tommy John surgery, but he remains the premium prospect in the organization.

2. Hunter Harvey - RHP - Full Profile (Plus members): The Orioles claim Harvey is feeling great and will be full go next spring. If that ends up being true, Harvey should start the year in Frederick and has the stuff and command to have immediate success at that level as a 20-year old.

3. Chance Sisco - C - Full Profile (Plus Member): Despite the defensive short comings, Sisco has the makings of becoming an everyday big league player due to his plus bat. Sisco will be one of the younger players in the Carolina League next season but the Orioles expect him to make the jump with little setbacks.

4. Zach Davies - RHP - Full Profile (Plus Members): He's never going to get a lot of publicity due to his size and lack of premium velocity, but if he's going to pitch in the major leagues in some role. We would not bet against him pitching as a 4th starter for years to come.

5. Dariel Alvarez - OF - Full Profile (Plus Members): Overall upside of Alvarez varies from scout to scout but most think he's going to end up a useful major league player. Most seem to think he'll end up a solid 4th outfielder, but with his excellent intangibles, ability to hit for average, and his plus defense and arm, he's got a chance to be a regular as well.

6. Jomar Reyes - 3B - Full Profile (Plus Members): Reyes has the most upside of any Orioles positional prospect but also is the rawest amongst anyone in the top 30 prospects.

7. Christian Walker - 1B - Full Profile (Plus Members): Not a scouts favorite, but it's hard to overlook the kind of season he put up last year at AA/AAA. Added the power last season that he was missing but questions linger over his bat speed.

8. Parker Bridwell - RHP - Full Profile (Plus Members): Although Bridwell will tease the organization with those double digit strikeout games on occasion, the organization would be smart to convert him into a reliever at this point in his career and see how his stuff plays in shorter stints more often.

9. Mike Yastrzemski - OF - Full profile (Plus Members): Most scouts feel Yastrzemski will end up a solid 4th outfielder on a 1st Division club, but could also end up a regular on a second Division team.

10. Brian Gonzalez - LHP - Full Profile (Plus Members): Few scouts go away from watching Gonzalez blown away since nothing in his stuff rates above average. Saying that, he's a three pitch command lefty that shows an advanced feel for pitching at a young age.

11. Steven Brault - LHP : Full Profile (Plus members): Some scouts feel a good comp for him is Troy Patton though others think he could stick at the back end of the rotation.

12. Tyler Wilson - RHP - Full Profile (Plus members):With the Orioles rotation filled for 2015, he'll need an injury to see much big league time in 2015 but in the meantime he will provide solid starting pitching depth in Norfolk.

13. Tim Berry - LHP Full Profile (Plus members): Although Berry could end up a back of the rotation starter, he could end up a real weapon out of the pen. If healthy, he'll start 2015 in Norfolk and could see major league action as well.

14. Stephen Tarpley - LHP Full Profile (Plus members): When it comes to pure stuff from a left-hander within the organization, no one can touch Tarpley's fastball curveball combination.

15. David Hess - RHP - Full Profile (Plus members):Some scouts feel he's best suited for a reliever role though the Orioles will run him out as as starter in 2015 and should have a better idea of what they got after next season.

16. Mike Wright - RHP - Full Profile (Plus members) Former Oriole Jason Johnson might be a decent comp for Wright though a move to the bullpen might allow his stuff to play up.

17. Pat Connaughton - RHP - Full Profile (Plus members) If you are looking for a guy with some upside at this point on the list, this two sport star from Notre Dame is your guy.

18. Mitch Horacek - LHP - Full Profile (Plus members) At worse Horacek's breaking ball should allow him to carve out a career getting left-handers out but if he can improve his changeup his ceiling could be higher.

19. Adrian Marin - SS - Full Profile (Plus members) He should repeat Frederick where the organization would like to see him take a step forward in his development.

20. Garabez Rosa - UTL - Full Profile (Plus members) He'll never walk much and his overall offensive ceiling is not very high, but his defensive versatility could allow him to one day carve out a utility career.

21. Ofelky Peralta - RHP - Full Profile - Reminds some scouts of Taijuan Walker while others see a young Daniel Cabrera. High ciling but high risk.

22. Drew Dosch - 3B - Full Profile - He'll need to continue to hit for a high average and add power to be anything more than an extra bat off the bench in the big leagues.

23. Henry Urrutia - OF - Full Profile - A sports hernia caused him to miss a bunch of time last year and when he returned he struggled to find his stroke.

24. Rey Navarro - SS/UTL - Full Profile - Navarro has enough defensive ability and decent enough stick to possibly compete for a utility job.

25. Mychal Givens - RHP - Full Profile - Must command his stuff better to have success at higher levels, but a mixture of getting ground balls and missing bats is a good start.

26. Alex Murphy - C - Full Profile - He should be the every day catcher in Delmarva next season. Murphy is an offense first catcher who will need his bat to continue to produce.

27. Jonah Heim - C - Full Profile - Strong defensive catcher who some scouts believe just needs to get stronger so he'll remain on the prospect scene until his bats convinces us else wise.

28. Mike Ohlman - C - Full Profile - His bat will determine his future but it's doubtful he'll ever be good enough defensively to more than a backup behind the plate.

29. Oliver Drake - RHP - Full Profile - His split finger is his out pitch but he must be able to throw it for strikes in order to get upper level hitters to chase it out of the zone.

30. Tanner Scott - LHP - Full Profile - A left-hander who can throw into the triple digits but who has to learn how to harness his heat.

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As with always at this time of year, it would be nice to see posters' opinions of our updated list, likely after today's rounds of the draft. I'm guessing yesterday's picks slot in somewhere between 6 and 12. Of course, it's really hard to objectively compare a 2nd round guy like Hughes (raw HS pitcher) to a guy like Wright, Wilson or Davies, but that's the fun of looking at these lists.

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    • Seems like there's a chance he goes on IL today with a calf strain, though he has avoided the IL in recent years when similarly banged up.  Pretty curious who they would bring up. Kjerstad is most deserving but not really a good 1:1 for Hays' RH bat + defense combo. McKenna is an option. Burdick. Norby maybe. 
    • He can be traded or he can play here but if he stays here, they will find him the at bats. Every team every year has guys getting several hundred at bats that aren’t very good. Norby is good, so you can find those at bats.
    • Or Jimi--they shd amp it up during the anthem
    • Are those ABs for the Orioles or another MLB franchise? Because the only ABs that I can see for him right now is as a RH DH or to take Hays’ role (temporarily) if there is an injury and that makes the assumption he can cover the OF in a competent way defensively. I am not trying to besmirch Norby’s talent. I think he is absolutely a big leaguer, who has earned a promotion. I just don’t see it being with this org, given the shape/tilt of the roster and makeup of talent throughout the org. The fact is that we have graduated 5 prospects (not including Holliday who still has prospect status) to the Majors. - 5 position players (1 traded away) and 1 pitcher. And we have what, another 4 top position player prospects ahead of Norby (including Holliday). And ZERO top pitching prospects. I get that some (not saying you) have this notion that all our prospects MUST one day play for the Orioles. But with the lack of top end pitching prospects combined with Burnes pending FA and the iffiness of Bradish’s health, we are going to need the pitching to come from somewhere.
    • There are so many examples of LHP with movement and location over stuff. He never really had the blow it by you stuff,so I’m surprised it’s taken him this long to alter his plan. Just like Suarez he can definitely have 2 more starts pending Bradish return.
    • This is a reason I don’t want to sign him long term. I think he’s going to be a very solid guy for the next several years but I’m not paying him ace level money.  Just don’t see him being that good 3+ years from now. If we could sign him for 5/200 or less, I would do it but that’s not likely to get it done.
    • '21 - 12.6 K/9 '22 - 10.8 K/9 '23 -9.3 K/9
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