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Go Arod


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This is what you decide to post after we lose to the Yankees? Get out of here with this crap. What a joke.
Yeah. Always thought that guy was a troll. Guess this is confirmation.

I hope that this thread IS NOT deleted.

Perhaps locked, but not deleted.

Just in case it is needed for a future reference.

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How am I supposed to stomach the MFY's this year? I can't be logical when it comes to the MFY's!!

It looks like all their old allstars are healthy this year. They have a devastating bullpen this year.

We had our chance last year and the Yankees are taking the east this year.

The O's are reverting back to their old ways. When is Buck going to kick the O's butts to get back to winning?

It looks like a long depressing season which hope I am wrong and overreacting!

If they get swept they could be seven games behind the MFY's!

Joe Girardi kept the Yankees in the race the last 2 years with a team devastated with injuries, what can he do with a healthy team?

If anyone thinks the Yankees are going to fall apart are kidding themselves.

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It's just one game right? I mean ppl told me to chill out when I thought we should have swept TB in the first series.

But because I'm able to now sit back and laugh off one game (because I know how many of you absolutely hate this and Arod) I had to make light of it.

Just keep on winning the series right? At least they still have a chance to do that! Haha.

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