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New details emerging about the massive fail at the Trade Deadline


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Not at liberty to say right now, but later tonight or tomorrow new details will be brought to light about what happened Monday, and how the Orioles kept Britton vs trading him. You guys should enjoy this one. 



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24 minutes ago, TradeAngelos said:

Just more confirmation that half the fans won't believe. From like a 5th source. Or are we up to more by now, I have lost track. 

Loin has never let us down though so it should be good. 

This guy isn't a source

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    • By the way, Catch Probability does take direction into account, and estimates that the folder loses 1 ft./sec when going back on a ball.   https://www.mlb.com/news/catch-probability-updated-to-include-direction-c232532408 Answering a question I’ve had for a while, they also now adjust for catches made at or near the wall.  https://www.mlb.com/news/catch-probability-updated-to-account-for-walls-c269814542
    • Yes like the strong opinions about Frazier have not been shared previously lol.  Urias won the Gold Glove last year ..likely not be winning it this year. And he has made more errors than one this season but none in such a critical moment.  Not to worry, 2023 will soon enough pass and Adam won’t be the issue in 2024 I suspect. 
    • Yup...part of the "negotiations" with the Stadium Authority (or whatever entity is involved) in beefing up the Camden Yards area and letting Angelos profit from it.
    • John Angelos is just like us he puts his clown shoes on one foot at a time.
    • It's one thing going into the season to build out a bullpen of spare parts and finding undervalued talent that can be a weapon pitching in relief. But when making transactions at the trade deadline or a waiver claim in the second half to me that isn't the time to be auditioning players for vital bullpen roles. I would have much preferred trading for an established bullpen arm at the trade deadline over gambling on players like Fuji and Webb. Webb has been pretty good, but Fuji has been Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde when it comes to his relief appearances.
    • I appreciate the research information.  Still, you’ve played enough baseball to know that it’s easier to run and track a ball running sideways and in than it is to catch one running way into the outfield than the infield.   Also, and this was my big gripe, running in you have a shot to make a strong throw home.  Frazier had no shot to make any kind of decent throw with his momentum going the opposite direction.    And forget the .100 xBA, since as you know, xBA only looks at EV and launch angle, and not where the ball was hit on the field.   Your catch probability research is better.  I wish though that Statcast would make this data more available on a play-by-play basis and maybe publish a chart that shows that on average, if the distance is X and the hang time is Y, then the catch probability is Z.   That shouldn’t be hard to do.  
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