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6 hours ago, fernandodfcosta said:

Is this a insurance pick if Mullins walks after 2024?

Insurance for Mullins, but also I think this is just insurance in general. It’s going to be our last draft not picking in the late 20’s for a long time.  Hopefully. Also, it’s insurance to keep stocking the system with NCAA bats, in case we have to trade some of our prospects for at the deadline or in the offseason.  

Elias keeps drafting elite defenders. Adley, Gunnar, Ortiz, Cowser, Fabian, and Bradfield. Even Mayo has a big time arm, and looks like he could be an elite defender at 1B. 

It will be interesting to see where we go in round 3 with our two picks, since P seems to be the best available players. 

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19 hours ago, Tony-OH said:

Rd    Pick   Name                               Pos    School                                Stats
1       17     Edwin Bradford Jr.           CF      Vanderbilt University (Jr)    Stats
2       53     Mac Horvath                   OF      North Carolina U (Jr)          Stats
CB    63     Jackson Baumeister        RHP    Florida State (So)                Stats
3      86     Keifer Lord                      RHP    Washington University       Stats  
3B   100    Tavian Josenberger         OF      Arkansas University            Stats 
4     118    Levi Wells                       RHP     Texas State                         Stats     


For conttext:

2022 - McLean was picked 81st.

2021 - Tavera was pick 137.

2020 - Baumler was pick 133.

2019 - McLarty was pick 228.

I suspect Elias and Sig feel like the system has a strong positional floor.  And the model/game plan was weighted toward pitchers.  It'll be interesting to see how much these guys sign for and if we have a nugget or two in the hopper for after round 10.

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Looking at this year's draft board, it appears that the Os draft strategy has morphed slightly when it comes to position players. It appears that speed is now a major consideration in the evaluation process, moreso than in the Elias previous draft classes. Personally, I really enjoy watching speed on the bases.

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