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Kyle Hoppy released


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The Os 2009 Draft: the gift that keeps on giving.

This is going to be tough to beat as "worst Orioles draft of all time":


1 5 Matt Hobgood RHP Norco (Calif.) HS Calif.$2,422,000

2 54 Mychal Givens SS Plant HS, Tampa Fla. 8/17 $800,000

3 85 Tyler Townsend 1B Florida International Fla.$417,600

4 116 Randy Henry RHP South Mountain CC Ariz.8/7/09 $365,000 - $106,700 above slot

5 146 Ashur Tolliver LHP Oklahoma City Okla. 8-11 - $200,000 - $25,400 above slot

6 176 Justin Dalles C South Carolina S.C. $150,000

7 206 Aaron Wirsch LHP El Toro HS, Lake Forest, Calif. Calif.$200,000

8 236 Devin Harris OF East Carolina N.C.

9 266 Ryan Berry RHP Rice Texas 8/10 - $417,600 - $367,600 above recommended slot

10 296 Jacob Cowan RHP San Jacinto (Texas) JC Texas $175,000

11 326 Michael Ohlman C Lakewood Ranch HS, Bradenton, Fla. Fla. $995,000 August 15

12 356 Steve Bumbry OF Virginia Tech Va.

13 386 Tyler Kelly 2B UC Davis Calif.

14 416 David Baker RHP Hemet (Calif.) HS Calif.

15 446 Garrett Bush RHP Stanton College Prep HS, Jacksonville, Fla. Fla.

16 476 Ryan Palsha RHP Diablo Valley (Calif.) JC Calif.

17 506 Jeff Walters RHP Georgia Ga.

18 536 Jarret Martin LHP Bakersfield (Calif.) JC Calif.$250,000

19 566 Kipp Schutz OF Indiana Ind.

20 596 James Brandhorts RHP Lamar Texas

21 626 Kevin Landry RHP William & Mary Va.

22 656 Cameron Coffey LHP Houston Christian HS Texas (August 12) $990,000

23 686 Michael Mooney SS Florida Fla.

24 716 Justin Anderson LHP Louisiana-Monroe La.

25 746 Jay Johnson LHP Lethbridge (Alberta) CC (8/4/09)failed physical

26 776 Michael Mechaw LHP Shelton State (Ala.) CC Ala.

27 806 Michael Planeta OF Glendale (Ariz.) CC Ariz.

28 836 Kyle Hoppy OF Orchard Park (N.Y.) HS N.Y. August 16

29 866 Brandon Alexander OF Oakville HS, St. Louis Mo.

30 896 Brenden Webb OF Palomar (Calif.) JC Calif. $250,000 (8/4/09)

31 926 Mike Flacco 3B Catonsville (Md.) CC Md.

32 956 Matthew Nadolski LHP Casa Grande HS, Petaluma, Calif. Calif.

33 986 Tyler Naquin OF Klein Collins HS, Spring, Texas Texas

34 1016 Malcolm Clapsaddle RHP Oviedo (Fla.) HS Fla.

35 1046 Jeremy Lucas C West Vigo HS, Terre Haute, Ind. Ind.

36 1076 Scott Firth RHP Stevenson HS, Lincolnshire, Ill. Ill.

37 1106 Taylor Rogers LHP Chatfield HS, Littleton, Colo. Colo.

38 1136 Josh Dowdy RHP Appalachian State N.C.

39 1166 Kevin Alexander RHP Taravella HS, Coral Springs, Fla. Fla.

40 1196 Bobby Shore RHP Palomar (Calif.) JC Calif.

41 1226 Mason Magleby RHP Del Oro HS, Loomis, Calif. Calif.

42 1256 Joe Valleggia C Old Dominion Va.

43 1286 Kyle Decater OF Cuesta (Calif.) JC Calif.

44 1316 Kyle Westwood IF/RHP Palm Harbor U. Fla.

45 1346 David Rivera RHP Francisco Oller HS, P.R.

46 1376 Scott Swinson RHP Maryland Md.

47 1406 Nolan Martz RHP McKendree (Ill.) Ill.

48 1436 David Burnaman 3B San Jacinto College North Calif.

49 1466 Ashley Bulluck RHP South Broward HS, Hollywood, Fla. Fla.

50 1496 Timothy Berry LHP San Marcos (Calif.) Calif.

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This was clearly a draft where Jordan was looking to experiment with signing someone for cheap at the top and then using the money later to take flyers on guys. The only problem is that Jordan's tenure showed he wasn't very good at drafting beyond the first round.

The result has been an unmitigated disaster.

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If only Tyler Naquin had signed.

Also Randy Henry is doing pretty well... in Texas' minor league system.

Sad to see Hoppy and Cowan go, both were really nice, pleasant guys when I got to talk to them last year at Aberdeen. Cowan particularly was really easy to talk to. Never got his stuff back after the labrum injury, unfortunately. Hoppy just never hit.

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Tim Berry looks to be the only guy that could turn into something out of that class. Townsend was a nice pick, if he could stay healthy...

Did you mean Ryan Berry?

I have a faint, smudgy, glimmer of hope about Justin Dalles, and, to an even lesser extent, Ty Kelly.

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