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Congrats to the Nats


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I just don't think they can can by the Braves or Reds.

I respectfully disagree. They have the best record in baseball for a reason. I do see the Reds as a major challenge though, and anything can happen in a short series of games.

With their pitching strength, they can very easily take on anyone. I wouldn't bet against them.

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I don't think we count Browns World Series here. Or Super Bowls.

I may be wrong here but I think they kept the Expos records as do we with the Browns. The Twins have the first Senators team's records and the Rangers have the second one's. I may be wrong though but the Nats aren't the old Senators. The only thing they have in common with them is the city they play in.

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I've never cared about the Nationals, so I'm indifferent to their success. Obviously if it came down to the them against the Yankees for the WS or something like that, I'd be rooting for the Nationals.

However, my congratulations and support go to them for one reason only, and that is Davey Johnson. For a man who hadn't managed in the big leagues in over a decade, he's helped them reach their potential and once again pushed all the right buttons, all the while having to deal with the constant criticism of what to do about Strasburg. I don't think the general fan knows just how great a manager Davey Johnson has been, and is. In my book he's a Hall of Fame worthy manager.

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