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What kind of deal will Cano get?


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Word out there is that he wants 10 years. Yankees seem to be in the 8 year range. What is Cano likely to get?

How can anyone give out 10 years to a 30 year old?

I think he shouldnt get more than a 6 year deal.

I think the Yankees are going to over spend once more.

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Cano is an interesting case. He's a superb player, but doesn't always seem to play full tilt, especially on defense. There's just something about him that makes me think that once he signs his big contract, he'll get complacent and go downhill.

I think he'll get in the neighborhood of 8/$200 mm.

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I've posted this in another Cano thread, but I love this whole situation. The Yankees are in a real tough spot here. Cano is currently their best position player, likely their best player period. But the boy's gonna get paid and the Yankees, for the first time since I can remember, are trying to exercise some financial restraint. Either they lose an incredibly good player or they go down the rabbit hole - again - of an overlong fat contract that they'll rue in four or five years. It's win/win for the Orioles. I love it!

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    • As bad as he has been at least he isn't Jose Abreu who was the prized replacement everyone wanted us to sign in the off season.  I thought he was in decline and wanted no parts of him but man has he fell off cliff.  1 homer yikes
    • The three-centerfielder Orioles outfield. They were awfully good. 
    • We can do that. But we will still have the same problem next year.
    • Eh, if Angelos decides he doesn't want to spend at all, then this is all probably futile. That said, it would still leave open the possibility of trading for a hired gun for a pennant drive, similar to the Dodgers picking up Manny without giving up any of their top 10 prospects.
    • Good question/scenario to pose. I believe that middle relief is a need for us because we really only have 3 reliable relievers. Bautista, Cano, and half of Coulombe and half of Baker...lol But in seriousness, we need to be leading in games for that even to matter which means our starter has to get through 5/6 and be better than theirs. I don't really like that proposition against elite teams. In the playoffs, you are going to have to win some lower scoring games. I'm not convinced that our starters can hold down the opposition for our relief pitching to even matter. (beyond maybe Wells for 5 innings). We had a SUPER ELITE BP with Miller, Brach, O'Day, and Britton and it didn't really matter in the end. That was because our O couldn't score, this time it will probably be because our starters can't be effective for long enough. I'm not against BP help whatsoever, but I think an impact starter is needed also. And if I had to rank the two, I would place starting pitcher as the greater need.
    • I'll just add, in the MLB.com highlights they have her call of the Josh Lester RBI single, and she misses what happened the botched cutoff that allowed the third run to score from first. She just stops paying attention to the play and is caught off guard when the third run scores.  https://www.mlb.com/gameday/orioles-vs-giants/2023/06/04/717890/final/wrap 
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