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Britton has a blister issue. He had pitches on Sunday but only two innings. Couldn't feel the ball. Walked 4.

Having attended the record setting 21-4 night, yes it was an emergency start. last Thurs. - opening night - was rained out. Clark went Friday. Jurrgens pitched Saturday which ended up being an 11 inning game (was suppose to be the first game of a DH but they postponed the second game of the DH to Sun. after the first game went 11 innings - plus it was cold I guess.) On Sunday Britton and Garcia started each respective game. Stinson is suppose to start tomorrow and I guess Clark on Wednesday afternoon.

Felt sorry for Petersime. He was out there to take one for the team/organization tonight. They got 4 innings out of him.

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Thanks for the post Old Dominion! Good info. I figured he was taking one for the team, but shocked they didn't pull someone else. That's brutal. Bad start to the season.

Speaking of which, haven't heard anything about Bundy, I believe he was only on the 7-day DL. "No reason for concern" I am sure:)

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