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Arrieta starts Monday in Detroit


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Dibs on "the out of stater".....you know, being in Norfolk and all.

A little after 7 pm tonight I might go out in my back yard with a glove and wait for the ball Cabrera hits in the first inning tomorrow to land in said glove a few minutes later.

I've seen him pitch down here several times this year.......lets just say I'm less than optimistic he "figures it out" out of the blue in Detroit against that lineup.

And even if he does, the odds he beats Scherzer head to head are even lower.

If I were a betting man and my team wasn't the Orioles, I'd bet my life savings on the tigers are retire a few years earlier. Just saying.

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Lets look at it like this.......if he gets shelled and we lose, well, that's exactly what we all thought would happen so why freak out?

But if he pitches well and we somehow pull one out? Well, we're playing with house money against verlander on Tuesday night.

Frankly, I have no idea what to expect from arrieta, I just hope he can get through 6 without getting bombed so we can somewhat save the pen.

And if you really really want to look for a silver lining, if he gets bombed, at least Pedro can get some work in or perhaps finally pitch his way out of the rotation.

Finally some sense in this thread! Like another poster said I'm pulling real hard for Jake now.

And in regards to the comment about sending a bad message to the organization with Jakes call up. You ever thought it may mean that he is the guy they don't care if he gets lit up and want to protect Britton and the rest?

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Gausman hasn't been in the minors for 10 days yet, so he can't be recalled for Tuesday unless someone goes on the DL or paternity leave. It's possible that Gonzalez will go on paternity leave by then, but it's not a sure thing.

A little pitocin could make it a sure thing! :D

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“It’s being so close and tasting it and knowing that it's there. That's where the frustration comes in."

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/_wO8toxinoc" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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Jake Arrieta getting this start is an indictment on the sad state of Oriole SP. Imagine if this team had a rotation of major league starters.

There are 143 major league pitchers that have made compiled 40 or more innings pitched in 2013 as a starter. That works out to roughly 4.77 pitchers per team.

In terms of ERA, the Orioles have the 30th (Chen), 58th (Tillman), 67th (Gonzalez), 113th (Garcia), and 122nd (Hammel) starting pitchers. If we say that the "average" MLB rotation might have one pitcher in the 1 - 29 range, one pitch in the 30 - 59 range, one 60 - 89, one 90 - 119, and 119 - 143. The O's have two in the second tier, one in the third, one in the fourth, and one in the fifth. I am not sure how that is not a "rotation of major league starters" especially when you consider that Hammel very reasonably can be expected to better his ERA as the season goes along.

The starting pitching as a whole has not been great. It would be a huge help if the starting pitching improves. Everyone here agrees on that. I just wish people would stop resorting to hyperbole when talking about the starting rotation in order to make their points. The starters are not where they can and hopefully will be but it is a major league rotation and not the disaster some make it how to be.

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reverse lock

tigers of late

Hunter hit his 300 th homer yesterday but was 0-13 before that

Cabrea is hitting 179 over his last 9 games

Victor Martinez is getting hot.

Tigers 7-3 over the last ten

Jake goes 6 1/2 and leaves with a lead

Is he going to get 1 1/2 outs in the 7th?

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