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Bud Norris Today, 2013


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To me, Norris has some upside because he's never played for a winning team with a great defense behind him. I think this could go down as DD's best trade.

I hope you are correct. He was not far from giving up five HR today, but I imagine he was a bit anxious. He'll have to be much better, vs better competition, if this trade is indeed destine to be DDs best to date. He looked like Tommy Hunter, which is not surprising.

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I don't think anyone would have tried to convince you otherwise at any point.

Actually just a couple of days ago there was a poll on who would do better because their career ERAs are almost identical.

I am willing to give Feldman a couple starts before judging him, but I went with Bud in the poll and he is off to a great start. He could be the guy that makes the difference for us.

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