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Red Sox Apologize to Marlins for "Super Premium" Price Game


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I'm not sure that the premium ticket prices were aimed at the Marlins fans but rather the Sox fans who come down from cold NE to see several games. If the Sox need to apologize they should probably direct it toward their own fans who most likely made up the majority of people who paid for the higher priced tickets. The Marlins GMs comments amount to Mach Ado About Nothing to me

But the article said it was really a small % of Sox fans who showed up. Marlins fans paid. Out the nose...

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That's pretty much in line with what I expected him to say, although I was half-serious and half-joking:

Also, as I stated, even though they (the Red Sox) sent their minor league team, the game ended in a scoreless tie ........ so, what exactly did Ben Cherrington's apology consist of ???

"Sorry that we didn't kick your asses all over the field in front of your home fans, which is exactly what would have happened if we had sent our real team there to play you. I promise that we will go out of our way to stick our collective foots up your asses whenever our clubs meet in the future, whether it be in an exhibition game that doesn't count, or in inter-league games, which do count."

Again, teams charging extra for preseason games deserve whatever kicks in the asses that they get ....... on the field, and off.

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That's pretty much in line with what I expected him to say, although I was half-serious and half-joking:

Again, teams charging extra for preseason games deserve whatever kicks in the asses that they get ....... on the field, and off.

Although I think part of the issue is that the majority of fans that bought tickets for that game were Red Sox fans and that they were after the Marlins front office with complaints about not being able to see the Red Sox regulars. At which point, the Marlins front office should have said to the Red Sox snowbird fans.."tough, you are not Marlins fans. Stay home next year if you don't want to see your team's prospects."

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