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Four Trades for a World Series


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Dear Dan,

Here are four trades to put us in the World Series:

1) Bundy, Schoop and DeAza to Houston for Alteuve, Fowler, & Castro

2)Ubaldo & Wieters to Dodgers for Matt Kemp

3) Christian Walker to A's for Moss

4) Bud Norris to Cubs for Addison Russell then Russell and Tim Berry to A's for


Can you imagine a lineup of Alteuve, Fowler, Kemp, Jones, Davis, Moss/Pearce,

Machado, Hardy and Castro ?

We would have a gold glove at every position except catcher and score 5-6 runs

every night.

Forget Santa Dan, this is all I want for Christmas.:2yay-thumb:

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The Astros only have Fowler for one year. They clear off $25 million off their books

and receive one of the top rated pitchers in the minor leagues, who by the way is

great marketing being from Texas and much like Nolan Ryan in his makeup. They

also have made it clear they are not high on Castro any more. They get a

controllable 2nd baseman who hit 16 home runs and a starting outfielder to replace


The Dodgers are pretty clear that they want the $22 million off the books for Kemp and are talking to San Diego for their catcher who is not nearly as good as Wieters.

We can throw in mid level prospects in the other two deals to sweeten the pot but

how much is Beane going to get for one year of Samardzja.

Todays market is driven many times by money, controllability and potential as it is

current player playing value. The point is to get an offer on the table and not let

deals go down that we later say we could have done better than that.

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That's what's amazing with the people on this board. One person says we should turn off the fair trades button to ban

proposals that are not fair because Altuve for Schoop is not fair and another says that Altuve is overrated and we would

be getting the shaft because Bundy is much to much to give for Altuve. The ENTIRE trade is what we need to look at.

We get a lead off hitter who led the league in hits and can steal bases, we get an outfielder who can easily replace the

numbers we had in right field last year and we get a catcher that allows us to trade Wieters (since we are not going to

re-sign him) to get another big bat. When Billy Beane makes a "bad" trade everyone cuts him slack saying watch what

else happens. You can't evaluate trades player by player.

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