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Minors Camp Thursday, March 26.


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2015 Minors Spring Camp

Thursday, March 26, 2015

The player photos that I promised on March 20 have been formatted by WEAMS and are now posted at the bottom of the March 20 thread.

A little breezy here in paradise today adding a degree of difficulty to pop flies, but still fine for baseball otherwise. Today, AAA and AA are home and the A teams are away.

Scheduled to pitch today:

Norfolk: Rodriguez (2), Torres (2), Prado (2) Cabral (2), Beato (1).

Bowie: D. Bundy (2), Hobgood (2), Pacheco (2) Louico (2 or 3).

Frederick: Wager (1), Duffy (2), Albin (2), Rennie (2), Burke (2), Long (1).

Delmarva: Cosme (2), Yoon (2), Walker (2), Lin (2), Pinales (1).

Scheduled to pitch Friday:

Norfolk: Gustafson, B. Bundy, Tolliver, McCoy, Drake.

Bowie: Rheault, Delgado, Hart, McGranahan, Kasparek.

Frederick: Parry, Cortright, Trowbridge, Nowottnik, Yacabonis.

Delmarva: Long, Burke, Ayers, Ghidotti, Nootbaar.

(Side game): De La Rosa.



CF: Hewitt.

2B: Navarro; Harwick (T7).

LF: Urrutia; Gold (T7).

1B: Halton.

C: Arencibia (scratched, strained muscle) Sawyer.

3B: S. Schoop; Kneeland (T7)

SS: Gibson; Kemp (T6).

DH: Bernadina.

RF: Grim; A. Mercedes (T6)

DH: Y. Mercedes.

Reserve: (RH) P. Perez.


CF: Ruettiger.

2B: Pena.

LF: Latimore.

RF: Webb.

DH: Burgess.

C: R. Perez.

1B: Rust.

SS: Viele.

DH: Russell.

3B: Hutter.

Reserves: (LH) Nathans (6), (RH) Freitas (6), Haerther (6), Starr (7), Vargas (7), Franco (7), Gassaway (7), Marin, Esposito.

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