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Kazmir v. Gallardo


Kazmir or Gallardo  

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  1. 1. Kazmir or Gallardo

    • Kazmir 6.1 WAR last 3 years, Lefty
    • Gallardo 7.1 WAR last 3 Years, Cost Pick #14

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Happy holidays OH friends!

Sorry if this has already been posted, but saw this on MLBTradeRumors:

Kazmir already has multiple three-year offers with guarantees in the range of $12MM to $13MM annually, per the report, with teams like the Athletics, Orioles, and Dodgers said to be involved. It seems like the first legitimate four-year offer could land Kazmir, Heyman adds. Of course, it?s unclear if the A?s will still be in the hunt if and when their reported one-year deal with righty Henderson Alvarez is finalized.

I don't know about you, but I'd rather have Kazmir who won't cost a pick and fits a need as a lefty over Gallardo and a pick. Get it done DD!

PS- Can someone set up a poll for Kazmir vs Gallardo? I'm not sure how its done :rolleyestf:

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Kazmir had one good half season and you want to sign him to 4 years. No thanks.

Remember the last guy we traded for who had one good half season.... How'd that go!!!???

2013: 4.04 ERA 158 IP 162 SO

2014: 3.55 ERA 190 IP 164 SO

2015: 3.10 ERA (including his end of the season nose dive) 183 IP 155 SO

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Not doubting you at all sir but where did you get this information? I would love Kazmir in an O's uniform (not for 4 years though).

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The window is three years, 2016-2018. Then, Manny, Jones, Duquette, and Showalter leave. The rebuild begins after that season or at the deadline (if we're out of it). The fourth year doesn't matter.

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The window is three years, 2016-2018. Then, Manny, Jones, Duquette, and Showalter leave. The rebuild begins after that season or at the deadline (if we're out of it). The fourth year doesn't matter.

Why doesn't it?

I'm skeptical of said window...even if you are correct the 4th year matters.

Wasn't the window supposed to close this year...?

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Kazmir looks like a reinvented pitcher to me -- I think we can expect something like 2014 (3.55 ERA, 105 ERA+, 1.161 WHIP) except with a few more home runs given up in Camden. In other words, Wei-Yin Chen.

I like that he has no pick attached, and I also like that he has experience in the AL East pitching for Tampa for almost six years. He very well may be the best option available - everyone left has some sort of question mark.

It's pretty obvious that even with a Kazmir or similar signing, we're going to need to see improvement from Gausman, similar play from 2015 Jimenez and bounce back years from Tillman and Gonzalez. That's just the way it is. Thankfully players of appropriate age fluctuate in performance all the time.

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    • Lots of things on here I disagree with but the true issue is that Urias isn’t a 3.5 WAR second baseman. He has no future, with the Os, as a third baseman.
    • Well that’s not true at all. They do that all the time
    • I guess you guys are missing the fact that it was a pretty good game called by the umpire, according to these numbers. 
    • I don't have any reason to believe that John will ever go away.  I am not a Washington football fan, but it is a lot like Dan Snyder.  These owners are universally despised and they just never sell and leave.  Approval ratings around 5% (if that) and it doesn't matter to them. Fascinating personalities, honestly.   As other "small" market teams extend or sign players and we basically do nothing, the evidence so far is we have a cheap loser of an owner who doesn't have a competitive bone in his body.  Makes sense, since his life has been gift wrapped since birth.  I'll be very happy to say I was wrong if we do anything other than 1 year contracts for relative nickels.  The real test will be if we are holding a playoff spot in late July.    
    • Three most impactful missed calls all went for the home town Red Sox and against the visiting Orioles. I wonder if there's a correlation between significant missed calls and A) impact to the home team, or B) impact to certain teams (you know who) regardless of the home / away factor. Somebody could probably get their doctorate by crunching those numbers. 
    • There is a better chance of DL Hall going into that role at some point, and likely the role he fits best anyway.  You keep on talking about the Lopez trade and how bad it was but you haven't mentioned Povich. And non of this correlates to Frazier in any way, shape or form
    • There is a difference between the two and some outfielders are not comfortable going back and forth. Both Santander and Stowers look much more comfortable in RF vs LF.
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