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Report: Braves interested in Luke Scott... and Felix Pie?

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I'm just glad Lillibridge got dealt before anyone here made up a ridiculous trade offer for him.

I'm going to start thinking up an enormously complex deal and rope in as many teams as possible, with the O's landing Lillibridge just for your entertainment.

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Wed need to add Erbe and Hernandez to that in order to get back Freeman.....

I know that Freeman is a blue chipper, but he's not that valuable, and the Braves are in need.

This also brings up another question.

At what point do the O's start to put their near-term needs ahead of the longer term? Scott actually has significant value to the Orioles for this year and the next year or two. Not that he is irreplacable, but his offensive production would have to be replaced somehow, presumably at some cost. He could be a significant part of a winning team in 2010.

Freeman is at least a year and a half off. He's no use to them in 2010, maybe not even 2011.

To put it succinctly, even Scott for Freeman straight up is not a trade you make if you are looking to be competitive in 2010. To make that trade, or a similar trade, you're essentially saying that they should forget 2010 and continue to defer the payoff to the longer term future. (The idea of including Hernandez, who could be a significant part of the rotation this year and next, is ludicrous).

I actually think they're closer than that. I think whoever comes back for Scott needs to be a piece that can contribute in 2010.

It's the first time I've said this in 10 years, but I believe that the Orioles need to get their ducks in a row for next season before they start deferring talent for the future.

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Pie and Scott to Atlanta... makes sense.

We've discussed Scott going there, and with the sending down to AAA of CF'er Jordan Schafer and the OF issues that are abundant in Atlanta, a package deal could be smart business on MacPhail's part.

An easy decision pending the return? No. But MacPhail has the future of this team at the heart of his decisions, and while Scott and a few other veterans are performing well, it would behoove MacPhail to listen intently as suitors come calling.

I can assure Orioles fans that neither of Atlanta's top two prospects (Tommy Hanson and Jason Heyward) will be part of any return package to Baltimore, but the Braves do have a few pieces that could garner MacPhail's discerning eye...

At 6' 5-220, 19 year-old 1B'man Freddie Freeman is a well-considered player, both with his lefty bat and defensively.

Cole Rohrbough is a good-looking 22 year-old lefty, with good size at 6'3-225 and #2-3 starter projection.

There are others, but both of these youngsters are with High-A Myrtle Beach, and offer high upside. Hopefully our Atlanta Team Analyst -'My O's Face'- can share more about the Braves' system... both ML and Minors.

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The idea that Atlanta, an extremely smart organization with a a great eye for talent, is interested in Pie, tells me a lot about his potential upside.

Wouldn't surprise me to see him go to Atlanta and be a well above average player for them.

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I'm just glad Lillibridge got dealt before anyone here made up a ridiculous trade offer for him.

I thought the same thing. Lillibridge like all the guys the Cubs were offering for Roberts have not exactly exploded onto the scene.

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I can't see MacPhail trading both Scott and Pie to Atlanta as a package unless he gets a haul of 4-5 players, including a couple of very good prospects in return. That's the only way it makes sense.

I doubt they move Scott....but if Atlanta is desperate enough to give up some solid prospects, who knows?

It wouldn't surprise me to see them move Pie to someone, especially since we have Gathright at Norfolk...who IMO, is a better player.

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Amidst the posts about how great it would be to trade away 2 of our OF'ers, shouldn't there be at least an itsy-bitsy discussion about who the Actual Difference-Makers are that we're supposedly getting back? Or doesn't that matter?

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Amidst the posts about how great it would be to trade away 2 of our OF'ers, shouldn't there be at least an itsy-bitsy discussion about who the Actual Difference-Makers are that we're supposedly getting back? Or doesn't that matter?

I guess you have missed about half of the posts on the thread.

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    • As in, another instance and you'd want him gone? Elias and the FO are building a foundation that will enable them to be a team I haven't witnessed in my lifetime - a consistent competitive team. I have 100% confidence in the process of the FO. Will every decision pan out? Of course not. But has the FO helped the organization more than any other FO in my lifetime? Without a doubt. My much greater concern is that Elias, Sig, et al leave because another organization realizes how valuable they are.
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    • At 76.5 I'll take the over on the O's and pass on betting their place in the standings.  While I'm pretty upset with this past off season, I'm not quite ready to grab a pitchfork.  Given that Westburg and Cowser and several others could all be ready to contribute soon, Elias should have a fair amount of flexibility at the trade deadline.  Was that his strategy all along?  Beats the heck out of me, but if that's the case and we sit and watch another failure to launch (liftoff v2.0 anyone?) then most of the goodwill I have toward him evaporates overnight.  Bottom line?  The 2022 O's earned a bigger investment than they've received so far but it's not too late to fix it.
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    • I won't lie, I'm very concerned about not having Tate in the bullpen for a month or 2. Tate was our most reliable reliever. Hyde could always count on him to get the job done. I thought Givens could fill the gap, but now Givens is injured too. Someone is going to have to seriously step up for the bullpen. I'm also convinced that Tyler Wells has a limited number of innings he can be effective. We've seen what happened last year once he got beyond a certain threshold. (He got injured.) I think that after a couple months, we might see either Voth, Baumann, Hall, or Rodriguez take some starts in that rotation spot. Who it is, depends on how Rodriguez and Hall are doing in Norfolk. If one of them is dominating, that's who will get the call.
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