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4/13 Rays @ Orioles


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He's hitting great so far... if everyone else was hitting as well as him we wouldn't be 1-6.

Not sure what you can possibly be complaining about.

Atkins also had that drive last night that would have been his 4th double of the year if Crawford wasn't an amazing fielder.

I like Atkins. Overall he gives great ab's for the bottom of the order. He should never be a starting first baseman on a serious club, though. The fact that he bats so low on a non-contending club speaks of our overall talent at the plate (despite the slump).

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lol- ragging on Atkins? He's been one of the few bright spots this year if you ask me.

I think this isn't quite right. Considering how the most of the team is hitting, he hasn't totally embarrassed himself. But I don't know about bright spot. The guy doesn't even have a .300 OBP. And that's our first baseman. It's still very early, way too early to write him off, but I'm not all that optimistic.

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