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Steve Pearce at 2B


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I'd rather have Jon. :)

Roch Kubatko

Second baseman Jonathan Schoop, on the disabled list retroactive to April 18 with a sprained right knee, said he might begin walking in a pool on Monday. Schoop is wearing a brace on the knee and had fluid drained three days ago to hasten the healing process.

"I feel much better," he said. "I missed being around here. I'm working hard on my rehab trying to get back."

Schoop is working to strengthen his quadriceps and calf muscle. He's receiving stim and ice treatments on his knee three times a day in Sarasota.

"Then I go home and the next day the same thing," said Schoop, who only removes the brace when he's sleeping. "Hopefully, next week we're going to take another step and starting walking in the pool. Monday, I think. They're going to decide if I start walking in the pool."

Schoop's goal is to return before the All-Star break.

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He also made a point of asking the reporters how things were going in Baltimore.

Yes. He doesn't understand the throwing of rocks at cops real well. Must be a cultural thing. They must not do that in Holland.

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I posted this is the lineup thread this morning but I believe it belongs in this discussion:

So what is the Pearce to 2B thing all about? Here is my take.

Its about keeping Paredes and Lough on the team.

The O's normally have a SS, a 2B and a utility infielder on the roster. Right now they have Cabrera at SS, Narvarro at 2B and no real utility infielder. Buck has determined that Paredes is a DH not a utility infielder. I think most of us will agree.

So Hardy and Flaherty come back. Cabrera and Navarro get sent down. There is still no a utility infielder. Not if the O's keep Lough and Paredes on the roster.

So using Pearce at 2B gives the O's three middle infielders. Hardy, Pearce and Flaherty. Flaherty can play anywhere in the infield.

I think Buck is just trying Pearce out at 2B to see if this idea works.

Great post and makes a ton of sense.

Great analysis as usual.

Question: Navarro has looked impressive so far. What are your thoughts on him now that you have seen a larger sample size?

Side note: as another poster said, it shows you what they think of Paredes' defense. Can't this guy play 1st and OF?

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