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Thinking WAYYYY Outside the Box....CRAZY


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Sign David Freeze 2/15. Place Sisco on the 25 man roster. Trade Machado and Weiters for Mike Trout and Huston Street. Just want some thoughts. Not even sure I would do this, but it would solve some issues.:eek:

It would cost 2 Machado's AT LEAST to get Trout. I know Machado is very special, but Trout is like Mickey Mantle special. However I know its way outside thinking.

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Ugh, where to begin.

Why would the Angels do that trade? Why would we get Huston Street? What use would we have for him?

Sisco isn't even that close to being ready for the big leagues.

So that we can convert him to a starter.

Hey, as long as we're on Fantasy Island, I should be able to make a deal with Mr. Roarke, too.

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