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Hindsight is 20/20, but boy are the Yankees making our 2015 trade deadline look bad


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We were in a similar position in 2015 as the 2016 Yankees in late July, and we opted to make a moderate buy. The Yankees sold heavily and are now better than they were before.

Had we sold Davis, Wieters, Chen, and O'Day last season, I'm hard-pressed to believe we couldn't have received a similar prospect haul as the Yankees did this year. Instead we bought a flash in the pan outfielder who stunk for two months.

Not a good look, DD.

Actually, we would be hard pressed to get a similar prospect haul.

You list 4 free agents to be. The Yankees somehow pillaged thr Cubs for a rental. Miller was still under contract for 2 years and is a top 5 reliever. Beltran might compare to one of our offensive guys but that is it.

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