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Oscar Salazar removed from 40 man roster


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Oscar could get passed waivers and that will be the end of it. When will we know if that happens?

I liked Salazar as well but Andy has made it abundantly clear that if you can't play D then you are going to have trouble being on this team.


Cursory glance of Wiggy's stats tell me that he can hit every bit as good as Salazar AND Wiggy can play D.

Now, Ty will cost more money but if Oscar's glove is in question this does fit with MacPhail's M.O.

Montanez better be shaking in his shoes! :D

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I can't wait for the myriad of Macphail bashers who will state how :eek:lucky:eek: Macphail was that his dumb decision didn't cost the O's!!!!!

If there was such a thing as baseball poker... and AM was playing against all of us... he'd prably win.

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Using reverse logic, would you or any one else be excited by us signing a career minor leaguer (10 years) who has played for and been set free, by 7 organizations ( a few more than once), who is poor defensively and has had two stints in the majors about 6 years apart. If your answer is yes, then begin the celebration because if you go by career minor league numbers we have signed a slightly better LH version of Oscar.


Craig Brazell ..... Oscar Salazar

28 years old .... 30 years old

10 years in minors .... 11 years in MILB

lifetime MILB ave. .284 .... lifetime MILB Ave. .283

MILB HR's.....162 .... MILB HR's.....116

MILB RBI....629 .... MILB RBI.......607

MILB OPS.....804 ... . MILB OPS.... .805

No one, rightfully so, posted gleefully, when we signed Brazell to a minor league contract, so why all the angst over removing Oscar from the 40. We could have released Burres or some one else, but we are going to keep pitching first.

Oscar is the type that gets invited to a training camp as a minor league invitee. that may still happen. I think he had 81 AB's last year, not exactly an overwhelming sample size.

You forgot to mention that Salazar has some idea what the strike zone is, while Brazell has plate discipline that only Mariano Duncan could love. Oh, and Brazell is a first baseman who once tried to play the outfield and ended up with an .818 fielding percentage.

Brazell hit .234/.294/.446 last year for Seibu in the Japanese League. That's probably a sub-.700 OPS in the majors. Oscar Salazar's translated line from 2008 is .270/.322/.451. The single biggest difference between the two players is 30 or 40 points of on-base percentage, which Brazell's power doesn't begin to compensate for.

Salazar would make for an adequate PH/utility guy/platoon starter. Brazell might make for a nice draw in batting practice.

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