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Chris Lee Left Handed Starter


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His own wild pitch in the 6th inning may have cost him a shutout outing. The runner on 1st base advanced to 2nd on the wild pitch, and the next batter grounded out. Instead of a double play (or at least a force play), the runner on 2nd base advanced to 3rd and scored on the ensuing single.

21 OUTS: 10 Groundouts (Including 2 Double Plays), 4 Popouts, 3 Strikeouts, 1 Flyout, 1 Lineout

CHRISTOPHER ULYSSES LEE O (vs. AA-Harrisburg, 4/29)

IP:l 7

H:;; 6 ll(6 Singles)

R:l) 1

BB: 0

SO: 3

Pitches: 82 (50 Strikes, 32 Balls)

2016 ERA: 2.49 (AA-Bowie)



12 (81 Strikes, 4 Balls)

71 (51 Strikes, 2 Balls)

10 (61 Strikes, 4 Balls)

10 (61 Strikes, 4 Balls)

16 (10 Strikes, 6 Balls)

11 (61 Strikes, 5 Balls)

16 (91 Strikes, 7 Balls)

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It's great to see Lee making progress. We really need some pitching prospects to hit their ceilings.

I have seen Lee at Bowie and have seen Davies and Rodriguez there. Brian Matusz was the most impressive. Tells you what I know.

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Even the hardest throwers get a lot of K's on a plus breaking pitch. Kershaw on his curve. Show me a starter with great K numbers and I'll show you a pitcher with a great strikeout pitch other than his fastball. Talking starting pitchers.

I just took a look at his baseball prospectus scouting report and looks like they rate his slider and change as below average offerings. So that must be it.

A good fastball is usually enough to rack up the K's in the minors if you have anything resembling a decent secondary offering. I guess he doesn't have that. Would need to develop one though and maybe the change too if he wants to stick as a starter. He's 23, so not exactly a spring chicken from a prospect standpoint.

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