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Bruno Fernando

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Are we in the hunt for any 5 stars??

Trevon Duval is from Wilmington and is now a teammate of Fernando's in Florida. He's been to MD campus at least a couple times.

Billy Preston is from the west coast, but he's now in school at Oak Hill in Virginia.

MD is very much in the mix for both those guys, but both are still wide open. In Duval's case, he'll probably only play college for a year or two. So if Melo is back for a 4th year and/or if Cowan is for real, then Duval might find a better match elsewhere.

If I had to predict, I'd say MD will be in the mix for both those guys, but they'll both decide late and not pick MD. I'd also predict that MD will have a very good recruiting class without them and will have a Top-16 roster in '17-'18 without any 5-star freshmen.

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