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5/14: Indians at Orioles


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That's on Jeremy Guthrie.

How amazing is it that Guthrie's 4th or 5th in the league in BB/9 but he has horrible fastball command? Hard to believe, really.

I'll give him leave on that one. Coming back from a rain delay is tough. But he needs to command it better going forward. What was that, 25 pitches through 1?

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I agree that he can't help the command, but he can help which pitches he throws. You could tell he had virtually no fastball command going all out yet he threw good fastball strikes to Cabrera on 3-1 and 3-2 when he dialed it back a bit. So, if he just dialed back a little bit, he could command yet he didn't to two straight hitters. He also never threw a change up until the final hitter. Just sillly stuff...

What a freaking awful at bat by Nick. This guy has control problems yet Nick swings at a low slider on the second pitch when up 1-0. Just awful... WTF

Coming right after them this inning.

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