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Budget for 2010 Draft

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Between the Baseball America guys and the MASN guys (which is coming from Andy and/or Joe), I would assume our draft budget is between 8 and 10 million. Steve Melewski is reporting (from BA) the dollar amounts for the current (overslot) drafts picks at:

Round 3, RHP Dan Klein: $499,900

Round 4, OF Trent Mummey: $252,000

Round 5, IF Conner Narron: $650,000

Round 8, C Wynston Sawyer: $300,000

Round 9, RHP Parker Bridwell: $625,000

Round 10, RHP Clay Schrader: $300,000

Round 28, RHP Jaime Esquivel: $225,000


Total: 2,851,000

Now, I realize this is only the overslot picks and Steve is suggesting we will sign Machado (round 1), Matt Bywater (round 7), Alexander Gonzalez (round 11) and Austin Urban (round 27).

Does this eliminate the chance for others being signed, as this will probably take us up to our budget max? Machado is going to get his 5 - 6 million, Bywater if signed will probably not get much over slot (??? less than a million - 400K?), Gonzalez (???), and Urban (???)

Without getting an idea of Gonzalez or Urban's price tag, the budget is likely to be over 8 million already, so that should be all the picks that get (may)signed.

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