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Budget for 2010 Draft

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Between the Baseball America guys and the MASN guys (which is coming from Andy and/or Joe), I would assume our draft budget is between 8 and 10 million. Steve Melewski is reporting (from BA) the dollar amounts for the current (overslot) drafts picks at:

Round 3, RHP Dan Klein: $499,900

Round 4, OF Trent Mummey: $252,000

Round 5, IF Conner Narron: $650,000

Round 8, C Wynston Sawyer: $300,000

Round 9, RHP Parker Bridwell: $625,000

Round 10, RHP Clay Schrader: $300,000

Round 28, RHP Jaime Esquivel: $225,000


Total: 2,851,000

Now, I realize this is only the overslot picks and Steve is suggesting we will sign Machado (round 1), Matt Bywater (round 7), Alexander Gonzalez (round 11) and Austin Urban (round 27).

Does this eliminate the chance for others being signed, as this will probably take us up to our budget max? Machado is going to get his 5 - 6 million, Bywater if signed will probably not get much over slot (??? less than a million - 400K?), Gonzalez (???), and Urban (???)

Without getting an idea of Gonzalez or Urban's price tag, the budget is likely to be over 8 million already, so that should be all the picks that get (may)signed.

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    • I guess we were watching a different outing. 
    • You try to sign long term Gunnar and GR.  Wait and see on the others. As for Adley?   I would not sign him to a long term contract.  I hate to say it because I love the guy but he just does not seem worth what he is going to ask for imo.
    • I am not worried about Means AS LONG AS HE IS HEALTHY.   Big if.  But he knows what he is doing getting ready for what him is his spring training.  If he does this his first 2 starts or so?    Then I worry.
    • I had never seen him in a live at bat until I saw him at his first spring training at bat this year.  And I mean his very first at bat.   He struck out swinging on like 4 pitches and being honest looked completely over matched.  I remember thinking....."hmmmm that seems odd for a guy so highly touted".   He just seemed like he had no idea what he was doing.   But then I never really saw another live at bat from him again all spring training and he ended up doing pretty well.  However every at bat I have seen of him since he got called up?  Looked like that first spring training at bat.  He looks like my wife trying to hit a major league fastball.  He has no idea what he is doing. I have never seen someone so good against minor league players and yet so bad against major league players.  Just a huge discrepancy.   Has to be psychological.   He looks completely intimidated. 
    • And who is this somebody other than Means or Flarerty that would help us in the playoffs. Also remember Bradish and Grod did not help us in the Playoffs. So I guess It was unwise to wait on those 2. Plus Bradish is hurt and uncertain going foward( a la Means) Yeah you piled on.
    • I will say I am surprised at how utterly useless/helpless JH looks after he got called up.   Not just surprised. Stunned is a better word. This is not an 7th round pick who struggled for years in the minors.   This is the #1 pick from 2 years ago who has dominated his entire life in the game of baseball. Yet he looks like a player in 8th grade playing against seniors in HS.  He can barely make any contact and even his fielding and throwing is very iffy. It is like he took up the game of baseball within the last year.   A complete novice.   This has to be mental because even the worst of the worst can make more contact than he is.  He is FLAILING.   No way that is all physical.    At this point you send him down.   No questions asked.   I was more than willing to let him get through this if he SHOWED ANY SIGNS of life.  But he just doesn't.   He looks pathetic.    Manny Machado he is not.   Send him down for at least 3 months.   Bring up Mayo.  Or anyone really.  It is better than what he is offering.
    • DJ Stewart has a 1.031 OPS in 12 games.
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